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"I just used Brandon to remove 9 hard inquiries from my credit profile within couple of hours. I mean if that doesn't tell you he is a credit ninja I don't know what does... my credit score is now 822. Brandon knows what he is doing."

- Dean, Former NFL Player | San Diego, CA 

"Within the first few days got my score up...I was mind blown because I didn't think it can get up so quick and fast...if you want your score up and you care about your future definitely get the letters mailing service, they will take great care of you."

- Joseph, Online Marketer | Los Angeles, CA 

"Brandon is a Credit God...This man has incredible knowledge on credit.... I started at low 600 from a failed business and now I am over 700 so if you or anyone has any trouble with credit for the love of God go to Brandon....He improved my financial health and physical health for not stressing about it anymore. Brandon is your guy."

- Vince, Personal Trainer | Los Angeles, CA 

"Brandon is an absolute wiz when it comes to credit and real estate investing. We were in a process of doing a refinance and he helped bumped my score 25 points in 24 hours. We wouldn't be able to lock-in a great 2.96% percent rate without Brandon... so if anyone of you out there needs help with credit, mortgages, real estate investing, or just smashing it in the marketplace- go to Brandon!"

- Duncan, Pilot | San Diego, CA

"Brandon really knows his stuff. I was not in a good place- he was very understanding and was able to point me in the right direction. I know a lot of people are going through that right now...go to Brandon and he will get you the right help with actual results when it comes to credit."

- Alex, Self-Employed | Los Angeles, CA
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